I’m Elisabet (Elisa) and I want to personally welcome you to the Elisa Brand community.  The Elisa Brand community is all about striving to be the best versions of ourselves and practicing ways to decrease stress and increase joy and productivity.

My background is in QA work with tech companies and other businesses, but lately I’ve started working with artists.  It’s been a great, but challenging change.  I’m learning more about arts funding and am concerned about what’s happening.  I truly feel as though our verbal and visual imagery is going to be missing if those of us who can, don’t promote the visionaries creating the imagery.

I think we can do it in so many different ways and my way is through art promotion, business advice, and helping artists have less chaotic personal lives.  It’s what I did with my tech, nonprofit and start-up clients and it worked really well.  I’ve separated how I look at the whole person into three different sites.  Artisan Musings is about the entrepreneur, Dear Artists is all about promotion and critiques.  Elisabet Guilbrand, is about the individual and their personal life.