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On Spirituality

Path to Spirituality

Part 7: Living a Level 10 Life Series

A lot of people view spirituality and religion as the same thing or as interconnected, while others see spirituality as its own, separate entity.  Me, I see spirituality as a complement to religion, but not the same thing.  Spirituality is about interconnectedness and the act of being.

Part of spirituality is living in the now, that the present is what’s important.  It isn’t about the afterlife or the past, but how you treat people today, the acts you partake in today. There aren’t any set rules and that judgment isn’t about God per se, it’s about your place in the world and how well you treat the earth, the animals, other humans.

With all that said, I decided to think of my own beliefs about spirituality, how I can best connect with others, and my place in the world.  Here’s what I plan to focus on for the year:

  1. Live a compassionate life
  2. Try to always look/understand the other side
  3. Forgive others AND myself
  4. Learn about neighbors here and abroad
  5. Take time to enjoy the moment
  6. Volunteer my time/contribute skills and talents to causes important to me
  7. Enjoy nature
  8. Meditate

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