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I’m Having a Good Time

Part 6: Living a Level 10 Life Series

Well, I didn’t post last week because I actually took a break away from my computer.  Woot woot!  That’s very rare for me, as my work means that I’m online almost all the time.  In fact, taking time off and just enjoying the moment is something that I rarely do and something that I’d love to change. In fact, I actually looked up events and took last week to think about what I’d like to do with the free time I’m scheduling.

First, I love festivals and fairs.  I like the LA County Fair, but it’s so hot when it happens.  Instead, I’ve decided to attend the upcoming Strawberry Festival.  Why?  Strawberry Pizza.  Make Your Own strawberry shortcake.  Need I say more?

Second, I realized that I haven’t taken a real vacation since 2015 when I traipsed around the Midwest, Northeast, and parts of Canada.  I now have at least one real vacation scheduled, possibly two.  Thank goodness my passport is up to date!  Only drawback?  I booked my flight on Spirit Airlines and I hate those folding chairs they call seats.

Third, I plan to do a little bit of hiking/enjoyment of nature.  Not during the hot summer months, but in the Fall/Winter.  I don’t have a desire to go camping here in California, but I do like the mountain trails.  I’m a little worried about coyotes, but one followed me when I was walking in my own neighborhood.

Fourth, I plan to go to the beach at least once.  I mean, I live in sunny California.  I should spend way more time at the beach.  There’s one that’s kind of not so popular, but I love it.  I’m not a sunbather, but I love a good sunset and just walking the sand, listening to the sounds of the ocean, watching the breaking waves.  Wistful sigh.  Maybe I’ll do that beach trip sooner rather than later.

Fifth, I love artsy craftsy stuff.  I’ve been learning how to Sketchnote and am getting back into sketching, even though I’m not great at it.  It’s very calming.  I also crochet.  In fact, I feel an urge to make something.  Hmm….probably an animal.  I haven’t crocheted a creature since 2012/2013.

Lastly, I live in a city that has a great summer concert series.  How is it that I didn’t attend any last year?  How could I have spent so much time in my home cave?  I’ve gotta get in a Hollywood Bowl show or some type of musical or theatrical performance.  I’m not taking full advantage of the Los Angeles area if I don’t take in some type of entertainment event.

So, I’ve got my plan for the upcoming year.  Lots of catching time to do fun things.  I don’t prioritize recreation and I don’t want to regret that when I’m looking back at this year.

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