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Assessing My Career

The 5th category in the Wheel of Life is Career/Business. In evaluating my career, I thought about the jobs and volunteer positions I’ve had in the past. I’ve worked for the government, nonprofits, and contracted with private corporations. I would jump from job to job or gig to gig almost yearly because they weren’t the right fit for me. Now, I’m trying to determine what is the right fit.
I know that I do not want another degree. Don’t get me wrong, I love to learn and actually read textbooks for fun, but the idea of going back to school causes hives. I made a list of my soft skills and transferable skills. I know that I have weaknesses, but I wanted to know what I could do with my strengths if that makes sense. I also made a list of what I hate doing and what I disliked and liked about each job/contract in the past. I’ve taken career interest surveys in the past (my school district was all tracking when I was a kid). As an adult, I used the library and college career centers to take free interest surveys.
I thought about the difference between vocation and avocation. I realized that in the past, I’ve gotten paid for what was best suited to be an avocation. The fields are interesting, but not enough for me to make a career out of it. I liked doing certain gigs as a favor to people but hated doing them on a regular basis.
What I found is that I am on the right track. I have the soft skills necessary to work with artists and creatives. I have many hard skills for art business development. I also have a passion for the arts, and that’s super important. I love working with people who love what they do. I enjoy helping them to create a solid business infrastructure. I like creating that infrastructure for emerging artists who adhere to what I’ve put in place.
There’s a lot that I do know, but I definitely have a learning curve. I know that I have a lot to learn about the technical aspect of art. Though I’ve taken A LOT of art history, literature, and film classes, I need a refresher on the terminology. I’m learning more about art pricing in different fields. Artists should make a real salary and have savings. I want to make sure that I’m advocating for high enough rates. I’m taking online courses through various MOOCs. I’m reading books and articles. I’m going to events. My more specific goals are to finish 6 online courses, learn the ins and outs of 2 particular websites. I also plan to write one article per month for my business website.

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