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April Konmari Update

This is just a quick update regarding how I did with tidying up my clothes this month.  I donated racks and bags of clothes about 3 years ago.  I didn’t think I had that many items left.  I was wrong.

I know I was supposed to only keep items that spark joy, but I wanted to be methodical about it.  After all, I had already given away a ton of clothes a few years ago.  This time, I wanted to definitely give away clothes, but I also wanted to create a capsule collection.  A capsule collection is a wardrobe of a certain number of items that don’t go out of style.  To get help with this, I did a lot of research.  I used Cladwell, an app mentioned on the Marie Kondo website.  I used Un-Fancy, an amazing website all about a woman who has a curated, somewhat minimalist wardrobe that’s pretty cute.  I read “The Curated Closet” and completed the workbook.  I also read about Project 333, which seems to be one of the originators of the new minimalist wardrobe movement.  From what I read, many people tend to have 33-37 items of clothing.  So, that was my rough aim.

I have to admit, I was pretty ruthless.  I  kept items that only sparked joy.  The rest, I thanked for their service and joy they gave me in the past.  I remembered fun times I had wearing certain pieces, then donated them.  I also thought about which pieces were made as fast fashion and which pieces were more eco-friendly.  Items made from bamboo, that were fair trade, sparked more joy than those that were fast fashion.  My favorite shirt is actually from a local thrift shop.  I feel better about the supply chain, worker treatment, environmental impacts, and longevity/craftsmanship.  I feel better when I wear them.

Now that I’m done with sorting through my clothes, I feel lighter.  It’s kind of weird, but I’m not overanalyzing it.  Instead, I’m moving on to the next part of tidying up, going through my books, magazines, and newspapers, both physical and electronic.  But that’s a post for another day.



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