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Personal Development Through Mindfulness

The area of personal development and growth in Living a Level 10 Life was difficult for me to assess. I wanted to look at my inner self, more so than how many books I read. I wanted to look at my core positive and negative strengths. It meant looking at myself, especially how I treat myself.
I assessed my level of resiliency, including how I handle stress. I completed a self-compassion inventory. I rated my decision-making processes and how I express gratitude towards others.
My findings? I suck at handling stressful situations. I prefer to sleep it off or stick my head in the sand. Though I’m grateful for many things in my life, I don’t express gratitude often enough in a meaningful way. I am not good at reflecting about how positive and negative situations have shaped me. I’m skilled at thinking about the other person’s viewpoint. I try to understand their actions, but I’m not very forgiving of myself when I make a mistake. I’m more critical of myself than of others.
After taking the inventories and ruminating on my answers, I’ve decided to focus on two core areas this year. I will use mindfulness activities to improve my self-compassion and gratitude expression. I will do this through journal writing, meditation, and affirmations.

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