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Spark Joy Year Round

Last month I read “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo and it changed my view on tidying up. I’m not the tidiest of people, but I do try every now and then. My problem is that it tidying gets too overwhelming. My brain becomes full of too many thoughts about where everything goes and how much stuff I have, so I quit. I decided that because her book gave me a logical system that appeals to my emotional side, I will attempt her method.
Starting this month, I will follow her categories of tidying. I will not complete the list week by week, but rather month by month. This gives me a year of tidying up. The method is rather easy. Pull out everything in a category, hold an item and decide if it sparks joy. If it sparks joy, keep the item. If not, then thank the item for the joy it brought in the past or for its service and send it to an appreciative home. That could mean selling it on eBay, donating it, or retiring it from service completely.
April’s category is Clothes. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, so I’m pretty excited. If you want to tidy along with me, here’s a Konmari in April¬†checklist.

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