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Family and Friend Relationships

Am I a Good
Yesterday, I discussed the Wheel of Life Assessment and summarized my results. You know that I would like to improve in all components of my life. Let’s look at the first area in the Wheel of Life, how to improve your relationship with family and friends.
I had to ask myself a lot of questions about my relationship with friends and family. What am I doing to maintain a close, healthy relationship with the people who are most important to me? I asked how I can be a better friend and family member. Some of the questions I asked are:
  • Do I take part in family outings?
  • Do I help plan family outings?
  • How do I respond to criticism?
  • Do I complete my share of chores without a reminder?
  • Do I show verbal and physical affection?
  • Do I engage in conversation?
  • Am I an active listener during conversations?
After I answered the questions, I created an annual goal. My annual goal is not a SMART goal. It is a phrase. I then broke the annual goal down into one SMART goal/quarter. Then I created action steps/tasks to complete by a certain day for each month that quarter. I know that I’ll make assessments on my progress at the end of each month and make changes throughout the year. I’m a strong believer in showing myself compassion. Through reflection and changing steps, I am showing myself compassion and encouraging self-growth.
What questions did you ask yourself? What is your annual goal? Let me know in a comment.

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